S.H.Monsterarts Monster X Prototype Photos

May 16, 2022, 9:19 p.m.
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We get a great start to the week with a close up look at the recently announced Monster X S.H.Monsterarts release from the Godzilla Final Wars movie. Yesterday he went on display with the just released Godzilla from the Final Wars at the Tokyo Tamashii Showroom. I managed to make a quick trip to the showroom after work and so far, I think he is looking nice! From what I could tell his two side 'skull' parts appear to be attached by a single large peg so these might have some range of articulation to them. The elbows/knees look similar to Gigan so I assume they will move in a similar way. His tail appears to have five to six points of articulation as well so while it might not have a huge range of motion it should work well for a thin articulated tail.

Once Monster-X releases in Japan you will be able to find his review, 360images and full release images on his reference page but while you wait you can update your Check-list!


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