Godzilla Store Final Wars Godzilla SHMA Showcase

April 24, 2022, 11:36 p.m.
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Today the Godzilla Store, which is the official merchandise shop for Godzilla in Japan had a stream on YouTube where they showcased upcoming new products and at the very end they had a quick look at the 2004 Final Wars Godzilla who is releasing this Friday in Japan! Unfortunately the video lighting and the posing on Godzilla was not that great but if cannot wait until the end of this week for my review and images then you can check out the stream below!

I am excited to get him later this week to pair with Gigan and from what I have seen so far he is looking nice. Loving the eyes and the spin colouring but I will need to have a good play to get a feel for the articulation but so far he is looking decent.

Category: S.H.Monsterarts

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