Brand new SHMA Shin Godzilla and 91 Godzilla teaser images released

Oct. 23, 2022, 5:21 p.m.
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This week we got two brand new S.H.Monsterarts teasers from Tamashii Nations. The first is a brand new Shin Godzilla 4th Form Night Combat version which is part of a brand new 'Shin' line up featuring the brand new Shin Kamen Rider and a release of Shin Ultraman, and Eva01. The full details for this release will be announced October 24th as well!

The second teaser was an image featuring a silhouette of the 91 Godzilla fighting the Shinjuku Battle version of Mecha King Ghidora! I assume we will get details for the 91 Godzilla release during the Tamashii Nations 2022 event in November.

Category: S.H.Monsterarts

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