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March 28, 2022, 5:37 p.m.
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The product survey is now live for the Nobara Kugisaki S.H.Figuarts release. Each product released by Tamashii Nations in Japan comes with a product survey. While this list does not gurantee a character will get made into a figure it is a good sign of potential future releases! 

This survey lists the same characters as the previous Megumi Fushiguro survey and my top3 from this list are Maki, Todo, and Hanami! Drop a comment below with who you want the most.


禪院真希 (Zennin Maki)

Tokyo Second Year Student, badass weapon user!

狗巻棘 (Inumaki Toge)

Tokyo Second Year Student, salmon!

パンダ (Panda)

Tokyo Second Year Student, not a panda!

七海建人 (Nanami Kento)

Does anyone not love this character?

冥冥 (Mei Mei)

Must come with a stack of cash and crows.

東堂葵 (Tōdō Ao)

Kyoto third year, what type of women do you like?

加茂憲紀 (Kamo Noritoshi)

Kyoto third year student

西宮桃 (Nishimiya Momo)

Kyoto third year student, cheats at baseball...

禪院真依 (Zennin Mai)

Kyoto third year student.

究極メカ丸 (Mechamaru)

Kyoto second year student.

夏油傑 (Geto Suguru)

Man of mystery!

漏瑚 (Jogo)

Such a hot head.

花御 (Hanami)

Tranquil flower fields.

水の呪霊 (Water Cursed Spirit)


真人 (Mahito)

Loving freind of humanity.

両面宿儺 (Ryomen Sukuna)

Fingerman himself!

乙骨憂太 (Okkotsu Yuta)

Tokyo second year and movie star!

三輪霞 (Miwa Kasumi)

Kyoto second year and Gojo fangirl (but really who isnt).


Category: Jujutsu Kaisen

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