NYCC is starting, Orange Piccolo, Third Form Freeza & more!

Oct. 6, 2022, 10:53 p.m.
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Today people were setting up booths for NYCC a member of the Global DB SHFiguarts Collectors Discord channel who happened to be working there took some photos of the up coming figures while they were being set up! I am sure you have seen these images reposted all over the internet already, but if you do want to check them all out you can join Discord via the link above.


What we know so far from NYCC...

  1. Third Form Freeza prototype on display
  2. Orange Piccolo (who looks big!!!) prototype on display
  3. Pan on display again
  4. Cardboard cut out with a 'coming soon Tamashii Nations 2022' logo, safe to assume Beast Gohan
  5. Base form DBS Broly
  6. During a live stream sneak peak on Instagram they showed off Cheelai and Lemo prototypes as well


I think going forward we won't see any more new reveals, but hopefully we do get a release date for Third Form Freeza!

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Yajirobe#5 1 year, 8 months ago
Can't wait for Tamashii Nation event in November & for the preorders to go live in the future!

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