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Feb. 27, 2022, 3:27 p.m.
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The product survey is now live for Dodoria S.H.Figuarts release. Each product released by Tamashii Nations in Japan comes with a product survey and one of the key questions asks you to select 3 characters from a list  for who you want the most. While this list does not gurantee a character will get made into a figure it is a good sign of potential future releases! 

My picks this month were, Pilaf, Yajirobe, and Pilaf Machine. Who are your top 3 picks? Drop a comment below and join us on Discord to talk about the current and upcoming releases.


ピラフ (Pilaf)

Leader of the Pilaf Gang

天下一武道会司会者 (World Tournament Announcer)

Tenkaichi Budokai Announcer

チチ -天下一武道- (Chichi -Tenkai Ichibudaikai-)

23rd Tenkaichi Budokai version

ヤムチャ -初期衣装- (Yamcha -First Appearance-)

Bandit Yamcha, hopefully with Puar!

人造人間8号 (Android8)

Android8, Gokus buddy

ブルー将軍 (General Blue)

General Blue, RR finest!

タンバリン (Tambourine)

One of Piccolos henchmen

ヤジロベー (Yajirobe)

DB Ver, with spitroast accessory?

神様 (Kami)

Earth's God

マジュニア (Majunia)

AKA young Piccolo

シェン (Shen)

23rd Tenkaichi Budokai human possessed by Kami

孫悟空-第23回天下一武道会- (23rd Tenkaichi Budokai Son Goku)

The matching Goku for Majunia!

ジャコ (Jaco)

Galactic Patrolamn Jaco!

ピラフロボ (Pilaf Machine)

The Pilaf Gangs combiner robots

サイヤ人ポッド (Saiyan Pod)

Saiyan Space Pod, hopefully big enough for Nappa

ヤムチャのマイティマス号 (Yamcha's Mighty Mouse)

Bandit Yamcha's car. Bazuka accessory too?

大猿孫悟空 (Great Ape Son Goku)

Could work for Gohan too maybe!

ケール (Kale)

Universe 6 Legendary Super Saiyan

ケール 暴走 (Kale Beserk)

Kale on a rampage!

トランクス (最新素体) (Trunks New Body)

The long awaited 2.0 Trunks...

ヤムチャ-Z戦士- (Yamcha -Z Warrior-)

Prototype shown off, coming soon?

ベジータ-Z戦士- (Vegeta -Z Warrior-)

Proud Saiyan Prince Vegeta maybe?

孫悟空(GT) (Son Goku GT)

Kid Goku or adult first...

パン(GT) (Pan GT)

Hopefully with Giru

トランクス(GT) (Trunks GT)

The less cool Trunks

フリーザ第2形態 (Freeza Second Form)

Krillin attachment please!

フリーザ第3形態 (Freeza Third Form)

The weirdest of the forms

フルパワーフリーザ (Full Power Freeza)

Split torso gimick would be cool

クウラ (Cooler)

Base form Cooler

メタルクウラ (Metal Cooler)

Need 1000+

クリリン(サイヤ人戦闘服) (Krillin Saiyan Battle Armor)

Prototype shown, looks amazing

孫悟飯(サイヤ人戦闘服) (Son Gohan Saiyan Battle Armor)

Prototype shown, looks amazing

ネイル (Nail)

Double pack with Dende?

キュイ (Cui)

Perfect warm up for Vegeta

人造人間19号 (Android 19)

Prototype coming soon maybe?

人造人間20号 (Android 20)

Prototype shown, looks awesome!

亀仙人(ドラゴンボール超版) (Kamesennin DBS Ver)

Prototype shown, ready for TOP!

セル第1形態 (Cell First Form)

Prototype shown, might come with husk

スラッグ (Lord Slug)

The movie Namekian

人造人間13号 (Android 13)

Powercore accesories would be cool

ボージャック (Bojack)

Need his henchmen, Gohan, & Mr Satan!

セル第2形態 (Cell Second Form)

Hopefully with Android sucking tail for First Form Cell!

セルJr (Cell Jr)

Multi pack would be awesome

ベジータ(旧戦闘服) (Vegeta Old Armor)

Namek Freeza fight version, hopefully with chest part

超17号 (Super 17)

Also need new DBZ 16, 17, 18...

超一星龍 (Syn Shenron)

Be cool to get all the Dragons

スーパーベビー2 (Super Baby2)

Highly anticipated by DBGT fans


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Yajirobe#0 2 years, 2 months ago
1. Meta Cooler 2. Namek Armor Vegeta 3. New Future Trunks

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