Welcome to ROCK-CHALA


Welcome to ROCK-CHALA

Merging the first English and Japanese Dragonball Z opening songs into one Vegeta shirt worthy BADASS Dragonball SH Figuarts fan website. All the information you wished to know about each figure is found on the reference page including pricing and what accessories each figure comes with!

Keep up with the latest news with the official Twitter feeds on the left, and this websites feed on the right as well as easy access to the awesome 'Dragon Ball Figuarts Collectors' discord channel! Keep track of the figures you own and want with the checklist maker! New figures being added as announced so don't forget to update your list then share with the discord group.

Work in Progress

This website is still a work in progress, especially the reference page. Thumbnails with box images have 360 interactive images as well as reference photos. The remaining figures will slowly be updated so keep an eye out!

If you come across any information that is incorrect, find a bug, or if you simply have an awesome idea that you wish to share with me you can contact me via email which you will find on the contact page.

For the first couple of weeks new articles might be a bit slow as I am putting all my free time after work into taking, collection, and editing photos for the gallery pages as well as fleshing out some the site features. However once this is all done I will increase the amount of new articles with some awesome topics and hopefully collector interviews so stay tuned!

Site Page/Feature Break Down

  • Home
    • Articles with the latest news and updates regarding Dragonball SH Figuarts!
  • Left side
    • EN Twitter Feed
    • JP Twitter Feed
  • Right side
    • Discord Channel Info
    • Rock-Chala Twitter Feed
  • Reference Page
    • Product Information and images for each figure!
    • 360 Interactive photos!
  • Checklist Maker
    • Create your own checklist for your collection then download so you can share with friends!
  • Gallery
    • Assorted photos show casing how awesome these figures are!

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