Tamashii Nation 2020 VR Event New Dragonball SHFiguarts Images


Tamashii Nations 2020 VR Event has just gone live and we already have some awesome news and new figure showcases including some surprising ones. I would say most collectors were expecting a Namek Bulma, but I don't think anyone was expecting to see an articulated Chiaotzu or a new Nappa! I am disappointed we haven't gotten any news on upcoming DB figures yet... but hopefully by the end of the weekend we will get something (come on Bandai Yamcha!)

Nappa -Saiyan Invasion-

Bulma - Planet Namek-

Cell Shell

Vegeta - Proud Saiyan Prince-

SSJ Full Power Son Goku




Son Goku Eating Set

SSJ2 Son Goku


You can check out all the figures from above and more at the event website: Tamashii Nations 2020

Stay tuned for possible more news over the next few days!

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