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Thank you to everyone that regularly visits Rockchala, whether it is for the latest news, to check out what a figure comes with or to make a collection list it is always awesome to see the website being used! My goal is to keep the website 100% ad free but to help cover the costs of running the website I have decided to add a 'Buy me a coffee' link. This is a simple donation system where you can send a few dollars (enough to buy a coffee) which will then be put back into the website to keep it running for years to come!

Going forward this year I am looking to expand the content on the website to be more helpful to users around the world and hopefully to bring the community together more so stay tuned for these updates! Also please follow on Twitter, Instagram, and subscribe on YouTube for the latest figure reviews and BTS photography videos! You can click on the the menu bar links or use the ones below!

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