SDCC 2021 SHF DBZ Figure Reveal Images


Today was a great day for Dragonball S.H.Figuarts collectors as we get a several new figure reveals for the SDCC event and at the same time these figures were also on display at the Tokyo Showroom so I headed down today to get some photos. You can also check out the video of the exhibition as well via the link below!

The exhibition had a mix of previous revealed figures as well as new ones.

  • Brand new reveals
    • Krillin 2.0 (preorders opening August!)
    • Kefla
    • Roshi (DBS)
    • Zarbon
    • Freeza (4th form)
  • Previously revealed
    • Dodoria
    • Vegeta (Proud Saiyan Prince)
    • Yamcha
    • Tenshinhan + Chaotsu
    • Android 17/18 (DBS)
    • Bulma (Namek)

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