Rockchala Monthly Desktop Wallpaper Calendar: September 2021 and BTS video!


For September we enjoy the remaining hot days of summer with a game of beach volleyball! To check out the making of for this image please check out the video linked below.

【Rockchala】 S.H Figuarts Dragonball Z Toy Photography September 2021 Calendar Image Behind The Scenes

September 2021 Wallpaper

Theme: Beach Volleyball Characters: EE Android 18, Lunch, Krillin, Gohan, Roshii

For this month I wanted to mix up the characters used and bring in some of the older releases as well which is why we have the 1.0 Gohan and Krillin figures. While these are older releases they are still great looking figures (especially Krillin and 18!) and it is good fun to get them out. I wanted to have Krillin get some revenge on Guldo which is why he is up in the air about to spike his head... er the ball down to the other side.

If you wish to use the wallpaper for September just right click and download the image to your computer and again if you wish to check out how it was made you can find the video via the link above!

September 2021 Calendar Wallpaper

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