Rockchala Monthly Desktop Wallpaper Calendar: October 2021


October 2021 Wallpaper

Theme: Underwater Adventure Characters: Gohan

For October we join Gohan as he goes on an adventure under water to find a hidden Dragonball! This month there is no BTS video however the Tamashii Effect rocks were used to create the rock formations with an underwater anime wallpaper used for the background. Gachapon sharks and a treasure chest were used as the props to give the scene some more action. The sharks were held up by thin metal stands which were later removed in photoshop. The aerated water where Gohan has dived in was created by using white pillow fluff but unfortunately in the 16x9 cropped version a lot of this has been removed so be sure to check out Instagram for extra photos!

If you would like to use the image as your wallpaper you can right click and save the image below.

October 2021 Calendar Wallpaper

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