Krillin Earths Strongest Man Version Release Announcement


Krillin, the man, the legend, the strongest bald man on earth! Just after getting his 2.0 reveal we get his actual release announcement! He is hitting shelves January 2022 as a retail release for Japan so expect him the following month for other regions. I managed to get a good look at him in person today at the Tokyo Showroom and he looks like a really solid retail release figure with some much needed improvements to his articulation. I feel the design leans more towards the newer Dragonball Super look for the character rather than his original Dragonball Z look so I feel the original release for Krillin will still maintain his value. Check out the product details below and once he releases you will be able to find 360 images and review a video here on Rockchala!


Both figures go up for preorder at the same time but are sold separately.

  • Release:

    • Japan: January 2022
    • USA: February 2022
  • Preorders Open:

    • August 2, 2021
  • Price:

    • Japan: ¥5,500
    • USA: $55.00 (estimate)
  • Retail Release

  • Hands:

    • Left x6
    • Right x5
  • Extra Face Expression Parts x3

  • Effect:

    • Destructo Disk x1
  • Height:

    • 115mm approx
  • Tamashii Nations Product Page (JP)

  • Reference Page Link:

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