Introducing the monthly calendar wallpaper and BTS video!


Hi all! Starting from this month I will be releasing a monthly wallpaper calendar. Each calendar wallpaper will have its own theme representing its month. Each image will also be released with a behind the scenes making of video on YouTube, so if you are interested in finding out how the image was made be sure to check the links below.

【Rockchala】S.H Figuarts Dragonball Calendar December 2020 Photography & Editing BTS

【Rockchala】S.H Figuarts Dragonball Calendar December 2020 Editing BTS Part 2

December 2020 Wallpaper

Theme: Christmas Characters: Goku, Vegeta, Roshi, Bulma, and Gotenks

For the main image I was wanting to try and capture the coming together of friends and family and being from New Zealand getting the bbq and campfire in there really brought the Christmas feel through. We have Roshi and the Prince relaxing by the fire enjoying their drinks/food and Vegeta also looking happy about his present. Buu and Goku are chowing down on dessert while Bulma is taking care of the tree and Gotenks is getting up to no good by trying to run off with his presents.

If you wish to use the wallpaper for December just right click and download the image to your computer and if you wish to check out how it was made then you can find the videos via the link below! Also scroll down to find a bonus second wallpaper and a phone wallpaper!

December 2020 Calendar Wallpaper

December 2020 Extra Calendar Wallpaper

December 2020 Smartphone Calendar Wallpaper

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