Friday News Roundup Oct 8 2021 NYCC Edition


It feels like it has been forever since the last Friday News Roundup post... Tamashii must of been trying hard to hold out on new news posts until this week for NYCC which has wrapped up its first day.

The week started off strong with a release announcement for Zarbon yesterday whose preorders opened up earlier today so you can now go preorder both Zarbon and Dodoria from Premium Bandai if you haven't already. You can find out all of Zarbon's release and product information via the link below.

※ Images from Tamashii Nations Instagram page

With the commencement of NYCC we got a steady flow of images from the Tamashii Nations booth which included the first look at the Cell First Form prototype! He is looking like an excellent release and a long with him they showed the husk which was previous shown last year. Behind Cell is a cut out for a figure which will be announced next month... my guess is it is Trunks, what do you think? Jump on Discord and let us know! Along with the trailer for the upcoming Dragonball Super 'Super Hero' movie they showed off a new Goku, Vegeta, and Piccolo figure with the two 'Bad Guys' from the movie. We still have three more days to go before NYCC ends so we might get another surprise announcement before it ends which would be awesome, otherwise Tamashii might be holding some surprises for the event in Japan next month.

If you haven't seen the trailer for the movie yet you can watch it on YouTube via the link below.

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