Friday News Roundup Oct 22 2021


Welcome to the Friday, or should I say Saturday roundup! Sorry for the late post this week I got side tracked playing with the newly released Goku Clone figure which arrived yesterday. If you haven't seen it yet, you can check out his review on YouTube which is linked below and his reference page has been updated with 360 images.

The news this week was very light with a delay announcement SSJ4 Son Goku for Japan who was scheduled for release on the 30th of October but he has been pushed back to November. He is the very first figure for Japan to be delayed so it will be interesting to see how other releases will go in the coming months.

Tamashii also announced two new popup stores, one for Spain and one for Mexico! Hopefully this will be a new trend for the popup stores appearing in other regions.

A final reminder that the preorder for Kefla is ending on Oct. 24, 2021, 10:59 AM (EDT) so you do not have much time to get your order in before she ends. You can use the links below to preorder her.

The 50th photo contest is currently on but it will be ending soon so if you want the chance of wining a Body-kun or Body-chan figure from Bluefin come join us on Discord via the link below. We also have special plans for our 1 year anniversary which is in November so now is the perfect chance to join! The channel is a great place to keep up with latest news as well as showing of your collection and talking with fellow DBZ SHF collectors!

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