Friday News Roundup Nov 26 2021


We are almost through November and Zarbon finally got his preorder end date this week which is December 19th. At the time of this news post you have a little over 23 days left to get your order in on Premium Bandai. In other Premium Bandai related news Tenshinhan & Chaotzu's USA release date got an updated with an expected shipping date between December 6-10th 2021.

Zarbon Details

  • Release:
    • Japan: April 2022
    • USA: May 2022
  • Preorders Close:
    • Dec. 19, 2021, 9:59 AM (EST)
  • Price:
    • Japan: ¥6,600
    • USA: $68.00
  • Premium Bandai Release
  • Head Parts x2
  • Hands:
    • Left x2
    • Right x3
  • Other:
    • Scouter x1
    • Scouter use hair part x1
    • Changeable hair part x1
    • Shiny Namek Dragonball 2★ x1
  • Height:
    • 160mm approx
  • Premium Bandai Page (USA)
  • Premium Bandai Page (JP)

The other main news for this week was the release of the very first Dragonball GT figure, Super Saiyan 4 Son Goku! After a one month delay for Japan he released on Tuesday and he is likely to be the top figure release for 2021. You can check out 360 and other sample images for his release version on his referenc page linked below as well as a full review on YouTube.

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