Friday News Roundup July 23 2021


This week was full of ups and downs for a lot of people as the 2021 Event Exclusive round 1 went live earlier today for the USA. Many fans spent three hours battling the website to secure their order. Unfortunately due to the huge demand the website had some trouble keeping up with the demand which meant a lot of refreshing and retrying to get to the order complete page. It would be amazing to get some statistics from Tamashii about the amount of traffic and requests that they had during the three hour preorder window! If you were unable to preorder the figures that you want you can try again during the second preorder period which starts from Jul. 23, 2021, 1:00 PM (EDT) and will be open until they sell out.

Tips to help secure your preorder

I recommend you log into your account before preorders start and open each figure you wish to preorder in a new tab. Chrome is a good browser to use for these types of situations as well and it is a good idea to disable any addons that you might be running just incase. When preorders start follow the following steps.

① refresh tab 1 + add to cart
② refresh tab 2
③ refresh tab 3
④ refresh tab 4
⑤ tab 2 add to cart
⑥ once tab 2 has finished loading, add tab 3 to cart
⑦ once tab 3 has finished loading, add tab 4 to cart
⑧ proceed to cart on tab 3 once loaded, you can refresh another tab as a safety net
⑨ on tab 3 keep trying to proceed to confirmation then to payment

※ If the first tab does not refresh instantly you can quick refresh each tab then go back and add each one to the cart one by one.

Pay close attention to your browser tab/window and if it shows signs of loading (rotating symbol etc) do not refresh just wait. This is important for the first 'add to cart' action as it might take 30-60sec to load but if you refresh the page you will start again or add two items to cart which you need to correct later wasting more time. If you get taken to the 'service not available/page dead' type page just wait a few sec then refresh and wait. For everyone on Discord that started at the very start of the wave one preorders it took between 1-2 hours to complete the process. Hopefully wave two will be easier!

In other news this week the Son Goku Harahachibunme Set finally released in Japan and instantly people grabbed their pitch forks and attached Tamashii for the horrible job on the face sculpt. While the face could of been better it still looks great from certain angles but from some angles he looks like a chipmunk... check out the reference page for images and his review video for a run down on everything you get!

In a few hours there will be a stream from the Comic-Con@Home event for a Dragonball Special Panel which includes the Japanese voice actors! Starting at 2021 July 23rd 10AM (PDT) . Bluefin will also be holding a stream talk about the exclusives and more from 2pm (PDT)!

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