Friday News Roundup Aug 20 2021


This week we got a surprise announcement with the latest Premium Bandai release 'Super Saiyan Kefla'! Her preorder is currently open so head over to Premium Bandai to secure your preorder as soon as possible (they should add an end date for the preorder window next month). Check out her details below as well as on her reference page. The checklist maker has also been updated with her too!


  • Release:
    • Japan: January 2022
    • USA: February 2022
  • Preorders Open:
    • August 19, 2021
  • Price:
    • Japan: ¥6,050
    • USA: $62.00
  • Premium Bandai Release
  • Hands:
    • Left x3
    • Right x4
  • Extra Face Expression Parts x2
  • Effect:
    • Ki Blast x1
    • Ki swirl effect x2
  • Height:
    • 130mm approx
  • Premium Bandai Preorder Page (USA)
  • Reference Page

Besides Kefla the other news this week is that the EE figures in the USA have started to ship out and have been arriving on peoples doors since yesterday! If you haven't received yours yet or a shipping update there is no need to worry as it will take them a few days to go through all the orders.

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