Freeza Saga SHF Prototype Images


Today I went into Akihabara to take some photos of the upcoming Krillin and Freeza S.H.Figuarets releases which are currently on display at the Bic Camera retail store. If you ever visit Japan this shop is a must visit as they have a huge toy section on the 7th floor with a dedicated Tamashii Nations area. If you have watched any of my Japan shopping videos you would of seen this store as it is where I picked up the SROE rerelease (linked below). Because the Tamashii Showroom is just down the road from Bic Camera I also checked them out again and got a few more photos of Dodoria & Zarbon as well as the upcoming JJK SHF which I have added below as a bonus image.

Dodoria, Zarbon, Krillin, and Freeza prototype images.

Bonus Jujutsu Kaisen Megumi & Nobara images.

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