Freeza Fourth Form Release Announcement


We got a sneak peak at this Freeza during the SDCC event but it is surprising we are getting him so soon! This is the third release for fourth form Freeza and while the body looks the same the faces on this one are looking really good with extra details! We also get the first of the shiny Namek Dragonballs which is the five star ball. Check out the product details below and once Freeza releases you will be able to find 360 images and review a video here on Rockchala! Also come join us on Discord to talk about this new announcement!


  • Release:
    • Japan: February 2022
    • USA: March 2022
  • Preorders Open:
    • September 3rd, 2021 (JP)
  • Price:
    • Japan: ¥3,850
    • USA: $40.00 (estimate)
  • Retail Release
  • Head Parts x2
  • Hands:
    • Left x2
    • Right x4
    • Folding arms
  • Feet:
    • Left x1
    • Right x1
  • Other:
    • Tail x1
    • Halo x1
    • Shiny Namek Dragonball 5★ x1
  • Height:
    • 120mm approx
  • Tamashii Nations Page (JP)

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