Dodoria Release Announcement


Oh man this announcement is exciting! We got a sneak peak at this beast of a character recently so getting the final product details and release date so soon is awesome. Hopefully this means we will be getting Zarbon soon as well with PSP Vegeta to complete the core Namek line up. The other bad guy from the Namek saga that we still need to get shown off is Cui and hopefully we will get some sneak peaks at Nail, Dende, and Porunga at the same time.

Check out the product details below and once Dodoria releases you will be able to find 360 images and review a video here on Rockchala! Also come join us on Discord to talk about this new announcement!


  • Release:
    • Japan: February 2022
    • USA: March 2022
  • Preorders Open:
    • September 9th 2021, 9:00 PM (EDT)
  • Price:
    • Japan: ¥7,700
    • USA: $78.00
  • Premium Bandai Release
  • Head Parts x2
  • Hands:
    • Left x3
    • Right x2
  • Other:
    • Scouter x1
    • Shiny Namek Dragonball 7★ x1
  • Height:
    • 160mm approx
  • Premium Bandai Page (USA)

The checklist maker has been updated with Dodoria so now is the perfect time to update your checklist!

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